BVA Group is one complete company, our hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning history started in the late 1990,s when hydrodemolition was just getting off the ground in Sweden. Since then BVA Group have sucsessfully renovated and sanitised a large number of parking garages, bridges, docks, tunnels, power stations and industries throughout Sweden.

A number of projects we have worked with through the years.

  • Lidingö bridge (Stockholm)
  • Central bridge (Stockholm)
  • Essinge pass/through way (Stockholm)
  • Skuru bridge (Stockholm)
  • Söderleds tunnel (Stockholm)
  • Muskö tunnel (Stockholm)
  • Norra link Eugenia tunnel (Stockholm)
  • Järpströmmens power station
  • Storfinnforsens power station (under water hydrodemolition)
  • Axelfors power station
  • Forsmarks nuclear power station
  • Almagrundets beacon
  • Docks, Frihamnen (Stockholm)
  • Docks (Malmö)
  • Sege bridges (Malmö)
  • Hjulsta bidge (Enköping) under water hydrodemolition
  • Numerous parking garages throughout Stockholm