Industrial cleaning

BVA offers services within the cleaning/decontamination industry, high pressure cleaning with water, slurry vacuum trucks and hydrodemolition. We also offer services such as dry ice abrasive blasting, sand blasting, asbestos decontamination as well as smaller demolition and deconstruction work. BVA have and provide the special competence that is needed to deal with tough conditions and regulations in the decontamination sector. Our goal is to help and advise the customer to acheive a better working enviroment using SSG-qualified staff and ultra modern equipment.

With our high pressure equipment, which have a maximum of 3000 bars(43,511 psi) can we acheive the best results in our proffesion, such as blasting(sand and water),decontamination of oil tanks, pipes,high pressured vessels, garbage furnaces and many more.

 By using our slurry vacuum unit we have the possibility of vacuum up both wet and dry materials. Materials can be both vacuumed out and sprayed into the toughest of spaces.

BVA Group covers the whole of Sweden with offices in both Stockholm and Karlstad.